Welcome to The Arts Society Sudbury

We are a group of people who have an interest in and enjoy the arts in general. Our Society is affiliated to The Arts Society. Our objective, through lectures and visits, is to broaden our knowledge and enjoyment of the decorative and visual arts. At illustrated lectures we hear experts, chosen for their knowledge, presentational skills and entertainment value, speak on a huge variety of topics: architecture, artists and designers, china, glass, painting, music, furniture, sculpture, jewellery …. and much more covering prehistory to modern times.

The visits may include country houses, exhibitions, gardens and places of interest. For those who enjoy hearing about a subject in greater depth, we have Special Interest events which allow the speaker more time on their subject. Meetings are held at the Quay Theatre in Sudbury where members and their guests enjoy lectures and making friends over a cup of coffee.

This website shows the full extent of our activities so, why not take the time to have a tour and perhaps we’ll see you at one of our meetings in Sudbury?


2019-2020 Programme - Click here for details

Note that we have changed our Lecture Feedback so that you will now enter a password rather than an email address. We will provide you with a password each month.


Lockdown Lectures

The Arts Society has just launched a new website to enable members to enjoy the arts at home with a series of films of Accredited Lecturers, released every fortnight. The first lecture, available now, is an insight into Las Meninas by Velazquez from lecturer Dr. Jacqueline Cockburn.  Running time: 17 minutes.  To hear the lecture and check out the new website, click:


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